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Tips To Improve The Sound

By means of damping and decoupling you can achieve a more pleasant sound without buzzing bass or similar. But why is it necessary to have effective sound conduction at all?
A loudspeaker is an electronic structure. With the help of the drivers, a mechanical wave is generated from electricity, which our ears then interpret as music, speech or noise. Because the membranes in the baffle of the loudspeaker move, their vibrations are also transmitted to the cabinet.

No loudspeaker should therefore stand directly on the floor. With which kind of coupling sonic improvements can be achieved depends on the floor of the listening room and on the manufacturing quality of the loudspeakers. In the following I present possible methods.

1. An acoustic coupling

In this possibility a so called spike is placed under the loudspeaker, the tip of which is directed to the floor. This way the vibrations of the cabinet are diverted into the floor. You can find out for yourself whether acoustic coupling is suitable for your listening room with a small test: step firmly on the floor and listen carefully to the noise created. If the treading noise quickly subsides, then you can confidently use this variant of vibration dissipation.

2. An acoustic decoupler

The exact opposite of acoustic coupling. Here, the tip of the spikes points upwards and thus prevents the sound energy of the cabinet from causing the base to vibrate even more. However, the energy is not dissipated in this way, but only accumulated. This method makes sense especially for hi-fi furniture.

3. A rubber damper

If the speakers are not of absolute top quality or there is a clearly perceptible floor resonance, rubber dampers are best suited. Here, both the energy radiated by the body of the speaker and the resonances transmitted through the floor by other vibration exciters are annihilated by the damper. This process allows for a more controlled low frequency response as well as a more focused voice.

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