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The 8 most important gadgets for getting started with sim racing

The 8 most important gadgets for getting started with sim racing

Sim racing, the virtual world of car racing, is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you're an aspiring racer or just a motorsports fan who wants to experience the excitement of racing up close, sim racing offers an exciting way to live out your passion. But as with any sport, the right accessories are crucial here too. In this article we will take a closer look at the most important accessories for getting started with sim racing.

1. Steering wheel and pedals

A high-quality steering wheel and pedals are the heart of any sim racing equipment. These components are designed to be a realistic driving experience offer. There are different models on the market that differ in terms of price and quality.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with a conventional entry-level model and, if necessary, treat yourself to a professional model later. Here you can Use price comparison portalto get a good overview of the different models and prices. It is important that the steering wheel offers force feedback in order to be able to transfer the vibrations and forces of the vehicle to the hand and so on good feeling for the vehicle to get.

2. Racing seat and frame

About the personal sim racing experience more realistic to design and at the same time Comfort and stability A racing seat or frame is essential. These special pieces of furniture make it possible to securely mount the steering wheel, pedals and, if necessary, a gear lever. An adjustable seat makes it possible to find the ideal position for long racing sessions.

3. Monitor or VR glasses

The choice between a high quality monitor or a VR goggles depends on personal preferences. A large, high-resolution monitor offers a impressive visual experience, while VR glasses are a immersive 3D environment creates. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but they contribute significantly to the realism of sim racing.

4. PC or console

In order to run sim racing, a powerful platform is required. Most sim racing games are available on PC. A Gaming PC with sufficient graphics performance is therefore often the best choice. However, there are also sim racing titles for consoles such as the PlayStation or Xbox. Depending on which platform you ultimately choose, you should definitely ensure that the requirements of the selected game are met.

5. Sim racing software

Without the right sim racing software, any setup is useless. There are numerous sim racing games on the market. Each of these games offers different driving physics, routes and vehicle selection. Research and choose the simulation that best suits your skills and goals.

Choosing the right software for sim racing depends on various factors, including:

  • Experience: Advanced sim racers should choose a simulation like iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competizione, which offers very realistic driving physics. Beginners should choose a simulation like Assetto Corsa, which offers a good mix of driving physics, tracks and vehicles.
  • Budget: Some simulations, like iRacing, are subscription based; others, like Assetto Corsa, can be purchased once.
  • Platform: Some simulations are only available for PC, while others are also available for consoles.

6. Gear lever and handbrake

While many steering wheels already have paddle shifters, a separate shifter module can further improve the experience. This is especially important for fans of manual transmissions and rally games. A handbrake can also be a useful accessory Control of the vehicle to improve in certain situations.

7. Headset or speakers

The acoustic component of sim racing is crucial to reduce engine noise, tire noise and to perceive the behavior of the vehicle. A high-quality gaming headset or surround sound system can greatly enhance the audiovisual experience.

8. Sim racing accessories

Depending on your personal experience and available budget, there are numerous other accessories that improve the sim racing experience can. These include, for example, a force feedback steering wheel stand, an H-gear stick, a vibration racing seat and even special sim racing clothing such as racing gloves and shoes.


Overall, the choice of accessories depends heavily on the available budget and personal preferences and abilities. However, a good starting point is always a good quality steering wheel and pedals as these provide basic control of the vehicle. From there you can gradually expand the setup to enjoy the best possible sim racing experience.